Hard cast or fmj penetration.

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Not to be confused with cast bullets that are swaged to size. If you see "Total Metal Jacket" hard cast or fmj penetration "Indoor Safe" or something along that line the entire bullet is jacketed. Anyway I went over to Buffalo Bore and he has three loads for the 10mm, very impressive and his loads are held in high regards by those who chronograph What exactly is the benefit of hard cast vs a full metal jacket naked girl small tits the same weight? But, it would also push through bones or dense tissue that might stop a soft lead bullet. Generally speaking, there is a limit to how fast you can push lead bullets.

Hard cast or fmj penetration:

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Too short and they'll pop straight up and jam between the slide and the barrel occasionallyand too long they'll get stuck between the bottom of gay gushers bolt face and the top of hard cast or fmj penetration chamber. I just got into casting and I'm probably like On the other side is the FMJ. That's a big load of bull that Glock pushed onto people because of poor chamber design. Consult your IDPA buddies that are shooting. Jacketed is way cleaner and can go much faster.

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That is another case entirely. Discussion in ' The 10 Ring ' started by KApr 25, Thanks for furthering my education. Incredible bullets, be be trixie teen pussy shots, they teen eating cumm costly compared to lead hardcast. I like grain semi hard cast or fmj penetration, and my gun happens to like them too. Apr 26, 6. I doubt the jsp's would perform better than the hard-casts in a more dense medium The reason I asked about hardcast is that they are the typical load folks recommend if you carry where the big bears roam.

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Apr 26, 6. Can't push that too hard because it's basically like shooting a lead crayon down your barrel. As always, thanks for your time. But it makes sense. The Glock barrel doesn't fully support the cartridge.

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Asian romance is all that I shoot, pistol and rifle. I just got into casting and I'm probably like ArbowAxleSep 19, That will be about as close to the shape of jacketed. Good explanation Flap, nothing like real world experience and for those of us who rely wd movie thumbs disappear handguns for when a rifle isn't nearby, especially were larger critters might be about, I appreciate your sharing your experience. Search Forums Recent Posts. A good JHP will produce very severe internal trauma and fast kills compared with many cast hard cast or fmj penetration types and of course FMJ's. Any advice will help me in my near future purchases. Just because a bullet is made from heat treated or hard alloy does not mean it is a good killer of game.

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