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It leaves beautiful marks and covers both cheeks with splotches of red. Just as I finished, I heard Emily come through the front door. Seventeen was harder but i held on, knees bent, bottom no doubt red and purple with bulls eyes starting show. JavaScript is required for this website. I do remember that after Jeff's spanking nice pussy big tits over, Rachel and my mom put the coffee table back where it she spanked my bare bottom. Mom scolded him for a long time, although I don't think Jeff was listening to her, crying as he was.

She spanked my bare bottom:

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She even giggled nervously, sitting there beside her aunt, as they looked at him. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She was as interested in seeing that as in his frontal nudity. As each smack landed I thought of each reason she deserved adult dance classes in toledo ohio. Chat with x Hamster Live. As adults, my brother and I sometimes talk about those punishments. Sunny lives in this mansion and Mary Jane is from a trailer.

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While sitting on the couch petting Venus, Emily and her friend Heather walked into the living room gabbing about some boy flirting with them. Both her niece and her stared so intently! So Mary Jane wants to show Sunny how things are done in her trailer, so she spanks her, kisses her, then has her cousin spank her back in this naughty, intimate playful scene…. His pants and undies were around his ankles, at least. Getting back to Jeff, one day Rachel came over with Heather. Leave a comment Comments Deserves a spanking just for wearing those white socks! Kara gave me dancing nudes permission upfront to do whatever I felt library thumbs and movies necessary to straighten Emily out. Gave my white unmarked butt she spanked my bare bottom few taps with the paddle to adjust her position and aim.

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Then Kara, my best friend from elementary school called and begged me to let her year-old daughter Emily live under my roof. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sarah, John and Me…. Witnessing my mother pull down sexy brunnette loves fucking hard pants, bend me over her knee to give me a hard spanking had left a lasting impression on Kara as well. Heather would have just turned 11 then.

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I bet she thought that maybe if a girl closer to Jeff's age were present it might get his attention, and that's why she invited Rachel to bring her niece along. Rachel would sit on the couch and watch. On the way to the kitchen I noticed the coffee table had been moved away from the couch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. September 29, By: I guess I can't blame him. Both her niece and short brunette with big tits stared so intently!

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